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SEO specialists based in Nairobi, Kenya - We build sales funnels

Who are we?

We are a global SEO, sales and marketing company based in Nairobi, Kenya. Our expertise lie in helping companies leverage SEO to fill their sales funnels.


Getting a consistent and steady stream of customers is difficult. ADs are expensive and you always need to be running them. SEO helps solve that problem.  With SEO, you are able to build a scalable and sustainable source of traffic and leads. And the best part is, SEO is way cheaper than ADs, and it doesn’t annoy people.


Our SEO Services Will Help You;

Increase Your Visibility

The competition for your prospect’s attention has become ruthless. Now more than ever, it is critical to be seen. We can help you attain more visibility on search engines

Increase Your Revenue

We will then help you leverage this visibility to create effective sales funnels that convert prospects to customers. 

The best part with SEO, is that you can get customers not just locally in Nairobi or Kenya but from around the world.

Increase Upsells

From there, we will help you maintain your relationships with the existing customers. This will enable you to open up avenues for upsell and cross-sell further boosting your top line

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Why focus on SEO?

SEO can be a game changer for your business. This is because, unlike traditional digital advertising, SEO is sustainable.

With ADs, every time you need traffic, you have to spend money. With SEO, once you optimize your website and create the content, potentially, you could get traffic forever.

In addition to that, SEO is considered the most customer-friendly digital marketing channel out there. With SEO, you are not annoying people with ads, rather you are popping up, when they are actually looking for your products and services.

Plus geography won’t be an issue. You could get well paying customers from all around the world. 

What will we do for you?

Keyword Research

Keywords are the backbone of SEO. But what are they anyway? Keywords are essentially texts that we enter into search engines to find what we want.

Keywords are important because they are what search engines use to rank websites on Google. Thus it is crucial to do proper research to find keywords that are not only relevant but high traffic and low competition

We help businesses by identifying the keywords that have the best chances of success.

Backlink Building

Backlinks are essential because they are a signal to Google and other search engines that a particular website should rank well. If other well respected websites link back to your website, it simply means that you are a heavy weight in your industry

We have a network of highly authoritative blogs and news outlets that we have built close relationships with over the years. Because of this, we are well placed to get you the all too valuable backlinks

Content Curation

Content forms the essence of every SEO campaign. Content is what marks you as an authority in your field. 

We have a team of English Native creatives that churns out amazing content. In addition to that, we pick topics like hedge funds pick stocks

At Ahadisoft, we know what it takes to create rockstar content that will boost your rankings and help you rank on search engines.


Of course, all that will not be possible without a first class website that is well optimized

We can also do an SEO audit of your existing website and help you identify areas that are lacking. Then we will help you address those technical issues.

How much will it cost?

Basic Package

Ksh 25,000/=

This is a monthly fee option that includes the following;

*Website design (within specific scope)

*Technical SEO optimization

*Keyword Research 

*SEO content creation

*Training & Academy

The is geared towards small and medium sized businesses who do not have a lot of resources to deploy but still want to experience the benefits and reach of SEO

Standard Package

USD 5,999/=

This is a one time fee that includes the following;

*Website design (within specific scope)

*Technical SEO optimization

*Keyword Research 

*SEO content creation

*Training & Academy

The duration for the project is 3 months minimum. So you can pay the full amount upfront, or we can break down the payments into 3 equal monthly payments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does SEO take to work?

With the right SEO strategy, SEO generally takes around six months to work. But oftentimes it takes longer. It is not uncommon for companies not to realize the fruits of SEO until they are well into their twenty-fourth month. So a word of caution to those wishing to employ SEO, be patient. SEO is not an overnight solution that will cure all your revenue woes. Rather, it is a long-term play that will ensure the survival of your business for years to come. You can read our SEO guide for entrepreneurs here.

Can I do it on my own?

Most definitely. If you have the extra time and money is tight you could do it. With enough motivation. But be aware, that there is a steep learning curve. Take us for example, we have been doing SEO for the past 7 years and we are still learning new things every day. If you are a larger company, my advice is that you get a specialist on your team. SEO is very competitive and thus you need to bring your A-game to even stand a chance. But when it works out, the benefits far surpass the costs. The revenues generated more than pay for the SEO specialists and the various resources required. Otherwise, we would not be in business for 7 years now, would we?

What does an SEO strategy Entail?

An SEO strategy consists of various elements. We have the initial website audit. This helps us identify technical SEO issues and address them. We then move to the research phase. In this phase, we learn about your industry and find the keywords with the highest ROI. After that, we create a content calendar and proceed to create content. As we create and curate the content, we look at reports and traffic numbers to find areas for improvement. From there, it is a matter of conversions. This could be email collection for email marketing or actual online sales. SEO is the perfect strategy to expand your business from Nairobi, Kenya to the world (or anywhere else you choose to be based).

Why should you hire us?

As I mentioned 7 years in the industry is not something to sneeze at. We have had the privilege of watching this industry evolve and grow. We have seen trends come and go. Doing something for as long as we have been doing, we have developed an uncanny ability to develop strategies that work. Our strategies are proven and battle-tested. In addition to that, we are business people ourselves. We have built businesses that highly leveraged SEO to drive growth. Our industry experience and desire to see you grow are going to be a very valuable asset in your corner.

How much does it cost?

Our SEO services cost USD 5,999/=. This is a one off cost but it can be spread over three months. There is also a monthly option for small and mid sized businesses.