Ahadi Software Africa

Website Design Services

KSh 9,999.00

Looking to build your business online?

Get started with a custom website that will help you show off your brand.

Here is our process;

  1. First we meet and discuss your unique needs as we learn about your company
  2. Then you send us your company information and all the items you wish to appear on the website
  3. We then create 3 designs for each page of your website. Out of the 3, you get to select one. You also get 2 revisions/minor edits for the one design that you select.
  4. From there the ball is in our park, we implement the design selected.
  5. Finally success, you are now ready to change the world.

We charge 9,999 per page. Please note that blog pages and product pages are billed as single pages.

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