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Meet Dave

Dave is an AI tool that helps entrepreneurs like yourself sell more

Imagine a sales guy who is live on your website 24/7, talking to customers, listening, understanding and recommending 

How much more would you sell?


Sales is all about empathy and understanding. It all about understanding customer pain points and guiding them towards a solution


Dave is programmed to listen and ask good questions that reveal pain points


Dave is trained on your own company data such as products information, branch locations etc. 

Ask it anything about your products, services or other offerings, it will provide an informative answer


Does your industry have a specific lingo or nuance? You can train Dave on your own sales process

Project Status:

In Development

Launch Date:

1 August 2023

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Got maaaad-fire skills you can bring to the table? We want you

Send us an email to meetdave_careers@ahadisoft.com

Please include a CV. University degree not necessary however, you may need proof of skills(for example a project portfolio)

Join As An Investor

Here is your chance to invest in a high growth industry. AI will transform the way we live and work and create immense shareholder value along the way. 

We are currently raising funding for our project. The minimum amount we can accept in exchange for shares is KES 100,000/=. We set the amount low to make our shares more affordable and easily accessible to the average investor

If you are interested in supporting us and unlocking shareholder value in the process, please send us an email to meetdave_investors@ahadisoft.com. You can also call +254 743 241 645 for more information

Please include the following in your email;

-Proof of funds (letter from a reputable bank)

-Source of funds

-A small write up detailing the kind of return you expect

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