Seamlessly connect all processes and personnel within your premises.

Medical Management Software

Consolidate patient records, scheduling, billing, and financials into a single location, designed for efficient searching and seamless collaboration. Contact us at 0743 241 645 for more information.


Integrates all your departments seamlessly, Easy to implement and adopt. 

Patients Management

Manage and organize all your Inpatients and Outpatients

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Medical Records

Document all your encounters in as much detail as you want. Store vitals, lab results, prescriptions and other. All records are fully searchable for easy retrieval.

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Medical Scheduling

Keep track of your appointments and your team’s calendar. With Check-ins, always know which patients are in the Waiting Room and how late they are.

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Use the built in patient workflows like check-ins or automated billing, or define your own workflow template with the Patient Treatment Plans templates.

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Medical Billing

Issue Invoices and Receipts from the entered medical records, and overview your finances. 

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Medical Inventory Management

Manage the stocks of drugs, materials and dispensable items, all integrated with the medical records, purchases and billing.

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