Easy way to manage your business with cloud ERP software

ERP Solutions

We provide fully cloud ERP Solutions that are highly functional, adaptive, and agile . Our software solutions can run on virtually any device and can be hosted either on-site or in the cloud.


Integrates all your departments seamlessly, Easy to implement and adopt. 

Invoice & Billing

Efficiently manage customer orders, generate quotes, pro-forma invoices, invoices, and payment receipts in various formats, including print, PDF, or email.

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Inventory & Stores

Streamline stock management with this module, empowering you with stock cards, real-time stock alerts, and comprehensive inventory management capabilities.

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HR & Payroll

Effortlessly handle key payroll functions such as master payroll management, automated pay slip generation, efficient employee management, and seamless handling of statutory deductions.

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Asset Management

Effectively oversee your capital assets with a comprehensive suite of features, including asset management, component tracking, accurate account depreciation and costing, streamlined equipment warranty and maintenance control, and much more.

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Supply Chain

Efficiently strategize, monitor, and optimize the entire supply chain process—from procurement and inventory management of raw materials to seamless product delivery and consumption point fulfillment.

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Team Collaboration

Facilitate seamless team communication and collaboration by providing real-time updates, empowering your team to contribute valuable insights and updates to enhance record-keeping processes.

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