Digital Marketing Associate Job Opening

Ahadisoft Group LLC is a digital marketing company based in Nairobi. We offer a wide array of services that help businesses succeed online. These services include but are not limited to;

  • Website development
  • On-page SEO optimization
  • Written form content creation
  • Google ADs management
  • Social Media ADS management

We are currently looking for a hard-working individual to fill the role of digital marketing associate. Applicants should have the following qualifications;

  • WordPress mastery
  • Shopify Mastery
  • The ability to write compelling long-form content
  • The ability to write and speak very good English. English that is free from slang and Kiswahili mix-ups. Mother tongue accents are ok.
  • A clean social media presence. This means social media profiles that are free from profanity and controversial content. (The successful candidate once employed, will not be allowed to post profane content on their social media, including WhatsApp)
  • Self-motivation and ambition.
  • A professional digital marketing certification. Whether it’s obtained from a college/school or an online source like Udemy does not matter. As long as the awarding entity is legitimate.
  • While a business degree is not mandatory, it is an advantage. Applicants without degrees will need to provide a portfolio of written content and proof of WordPress and Shopify Mastery
  • A portfolio of written content is a must. A well maintained personal blog with enough content is an advantage. The older the blog the better. In the event the portfolio is not ready, you can still apply provided you create some articles and send them before the consideration date.
  • Honesty
  • Ability to learn, pay attention and follow instructions
  • Candidates should not have lost any business-related court cases in the past 10 years. Ideally, we want candidates without any litigation history, but for the sake of fairness, we are willing to consider circumstances and details.
  • For practicality reasons, candidates need to be based in Nairobi

NOTES: Long form written content simply means blog posts and articles. However, academic writing is not relevant to us.

Once successful, the successful candidate, now our employee, will be tasked with the following responsibilities

  • Google ADs management for our clients
  • Social Media ADs management for our clients
  • Written form content creation (blogs and articles)
  • WordPress or Shopify website set up
  • Email marketing campaigns management
  • Activities and tasks related to digital marketing

Salary and Payments

For the first year, the successful candidate, at this stage our employee will receive a salary of KSH 35,000/= per month.

For the second year, the salary will be increased to KSH 50,000/= per month. For the third year and going forward, the salary will be KSH 65,000/= per month.

Work schedule and arrangements

This is a remote position, but the employee will have to attend client meetings and company meetings, should they arise.

Peculiar considerations

The candidate will have to abide by a non-disclosure policy with regard to company-related processes and information.

Side hustles and other engagements during employment with us are not an issue for us, provided it does not interfere with deliverables and we are in the loop of your activities. We don’t mind you working on pet projects, attending school or maintaining a side business.


If interested, please email your details and qualifications to Only serious candidates should apply. All applicants will be contacted and informed of how they fared.

The deadline for application is the end of May 2022.