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Affordable SEO Services Nairobi

Affordable SEO Services Nairobi

Ahadisoft Group is a Kenyan company based in Nairobi that specializes in building sales funnels. Our goal is to help your business build an automatic, scalable source of customers. This we accomplish through our SEO practice.

Why SEO?

SEO is the only real way to build a defensible moat around your business. This is because SEO takes a really long time to work and as such you can stay ahead of your competition. If you launch your campaign in January and your competitor launches their campaign on April, it is going to take them three to four months to catch up with you. And this is if you remain still and do nothing to solidify your lead.

We love SEO for that same reason. In addition to that SEO is way cheaper than ADs and less intrusive.

Why Ahadisoft Group?

Passion. We love what we do. Ahadisoft Group is a company made up of passionate people. We love getting to the office everyday because we actually see the difference our work makes on other businesses. It is satisfying to see websites that we have had a hand in grow and dominate the field they are in. It makes us proud that we take part in growing local companies and taking the Kenyan brand far and wide

We have worked with a variety of companies across many industries. From online retail to consulting.

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