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How do SEO agencies work?

How do seo agencies work

How do SEO agencies work?

So how do SEO agencies actually work? SEO agencies come in different flavors. Some are big, some are small. Most are local, a few work internationally. So it is pretty difficult to come up with a standard way of doing things for all SEO agencies. Because of this, we can only speak about ourselves and how we operate.

Our official name is Ahadisoft Group LLC. We are a global sales and marketing consulting company based in Nairobi, Kenya but with a presence in the UAE, South Africa, Nigeria, United Kingdom and the United States. Essentially we help businesses establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. This is accomplished via several strategies chief among them being SEO. Hence the designation of SEO agency.

How we, an SEO agency operate

So how do we operate you may ask.

How do SEO agencies operate

The initial client meeting

Well, it all starts with the initial client meeting. When potential clients approach us with the aim of working with us, we love to schedule a full team meeting. Depending on the region or time zone, we allocate a team of experts who will work with the potential clients.

During the initial meeting the objective is to get on the same page. Often enough people have different ideas on SEO. Unfortunately with the rise of the self proclaimed gurus, there is often a lot of misinformation circulating in the internet. So our first task is to ensure everyone understands what SEO is and what its not.

You will be surprised. So many people have such a wrong idea of SEO. They think, through no fault of their own, that SEO is a get rich quick scheme that can generate enormous amounts of profits in the blink of an eye.

The only thing we have in agreement is the enormous amounts of profits that can be generated. Where we often differ is the sheer amount of work and time required to make it work. SEO is not an overnight process.

So during this phase, we love to educate our clients and educate ourselves too on the goals and objectives. As soon as everyone is onboard and expectations have been set, we move on to the next stage.

Goals definition

This is an important aspect on how most SEO agencies work. How would you know you have arrived at your destination if you don’t know where you are going? Right? The second phase of the agenda is often to try to understanding where we want to go. What does it look like on the other side? What will it look like once we have achieved our goals

SEO success is different for most companies. But in all cases, revenue growth is a good metric. So we love to define targets.

For example,

  • How many leads do we want to collect?
  • How much traffic are we targeting to achieve our goals?
  • What kind of traffic do we want?
  • Does the location of the traffic matter

But its different for each company. For example, for companies based in India, they are going to need a ton of traffic compared to a company based in the UAE.

The economics of your website visitors also matter. Traffic from first world countries is generally more valuable than traffic from third world countries simply because first world countries citizens have more disposable income.

Plan formulation

Once we finalize on goals, its time to come up with the plan. How exactly will we achieve our goals. As I mentioned above, our goal is to help businesses establish themselves as authorities in their industries. This is accomplished through various strategies. They include;


Appearances do matter unfortunately. People already have a judgement of you in the first few seconds they see you. Clients unfortunately are the same. When they see your business, whether its a logo or website or newsletter, they formulate their opinion of you within the first few seconds.

As a result, it is imperative to always put your best foot forwards. My grandmother always told me, dress as if you may meet the love of your life today. This also applies in business.

We help business develop a set of brand guidelines. These include the logos and all other visual aspects of their business. They include

  • Logos
  • Websites
  • Product design
  • Marketing collateral like banners and posters
  • Newsletters

Its all about giving people the correct impression of your business. If you are a serious and competent firm then your brand and appearance should reflect that. Don’t fight unnecessary battles by giving people the wrong first impression.

Before we drive traffic to a website, we have to ensure that the website and company is presentable.

Content creation

Content is the only reason people go on the internet. The internet was not built for ecommerce, this is a fact many people need to understand. The internet was developed as a tool to help people share information. Selling online and getting customers online has always been secondary. As a result it is a corner stone on how SEO agencies work.

So to do well on the internet, you have to create content that is going to act as a magnet for attention.

But what kind of content works and how much content works is required for SEO success?

This is an important question. The answer depends on for example, the country and objectives. But to summarize, you need a lot of content. Competition for attention is stiff. Its actually insane. To compete, you need to provide enough quality content, and do it at a rate that is higher than your competitors.

You are going to need various content types such as;

  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • YouTube videos
  • Short TikTok videos

Content creation is a ton or work and takes a long time to do.


Because content creation takes a long time to do, we also run ads to sort of lubricate the entire process. Content takes a while to find its place in the internet. Often times, it takes an article for example, several months to get to the level of traffic that it will stay at for the foreseeable future. So as we create content and distribute the content across the different channels, and as we wait for the content to find its audience we run ads.

These ads often include;

  • Social media ads
  • Google Ads
  • Guest posting and PR
  • Influencer marketing and collaborations

It all depends on the audience being targeted. For example, if you want to target a younger demographic then TikTok influencer are the way to go. For older generation Facebook and Google Ads work really well.

So that is, that is just a peek at how SEO agencies work. Or rather how this specific SEO agency works. You can read up more on what we do here.

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