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#FijiGirl Photobomb Campaign, Elite level marketing

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#FijiGirl Photobomb Campaign, Elite level marketing

Let me tell you about the most effective Guerilla style product placement I have ever come across. Granted, this happed quite a while ago, the lessons still apply.

Now, a lot of people love their celebrities, right? And where is the best place to see many of them at one place? Red carpets. Because of the Sheer number of famous people per square foot, and the resulting eyeballs, brands realized that the red carpet is an effective location to increase brand awareness.

But now the challenge was, how do you get your product to appear in a celeb’s photo, without it appearing like you wanted it to appear? How do you get your product to blend in seamlessly, to appear like part of the environment?

Fijiwater an American drink brand thought long and came up with this inspired idea of having a young lady on the red carpet, holding a tray of their product. She would then position herself in such a way that she photobombed almost every single photo that was taken of a celebrity.

Have a look

Suffice to say, it worked beautifully. In addition to that, she actually trended. The brand was able to generate a significant amount of brand awareness very cheaply though that simple tactic.

I hope this inspires you to think outside the box. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive.

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